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Three Days Grace: Pain (Acoustic)

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Radiohead: Creep

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Jonny Lang: Matchbox

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Three Doors Down: Here Without You

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Three Days Grace: I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic)

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Indie- and Blues Rock Singer Minnie Marks

Hello guys!

I’ve been listening to indie-/ blues rock a lot lately, so I decided to write about awesome

Indie- And Blues Rock Singer Minnie Marks.

When I saw her live performance back in 2014 at “Late Night Blues” (Loev Hotel, Binz, RĂ¼gen, Germany) I fell in love with her voice immediately (It’s made of a lot of alcohol and cigarettes, I guess ;)). She was super nice and she even gave me an autograph :)…

I also sent her an email half a year ago and asked her for the lyrics and chords of her songs and she actually replied, attached everything I asked her for and wrote some really nice things along with it.

Minnie Marks: Voodoo ‘N’ Honey

Voodoo ‘N’ Honey is Minnie’s second studio album (after “Mystery Box” [2010]). She also recorded a live album called “Live In Stuttgart” [2014], which is only avaiable at live shows.). It was released in 2012 (label: CDBaby).

It consists of 12 unique tracks, each and every one of them with the potential to get stuck in your head for days. There are some calm songs (“Guitar And A Bicycle”, “Thief In The Night”, “Smoke Filled Eyes”, “Long Walk Home”) but also some full of energy (“Liar, Liar Pants On Fire”, “Legs To Make Us Look Longer”, “Jack In The Box”) and all in all it really is a great composition, especially because it’s got different parts of several genres, such as folk, blues, blues rock, indie rock ect. It’s got the right song for every mood and it tells you to get the funk out of your bed and go kick some butt just when you need it.

My favorite songs are “Little People”, “Smoke Filled Eyes” and “Guitar And A Bicycle”, but I really do love all of them.

I’d give “Voodoo ‘N’ Honey” 9/10 points, I really recommend checking out her music! Watch her performing “Little People” below and visit her website and social media:

Minnie Marks on social media:

Minnie Marks on Facebook

Minnie Marks on Twitter

Instagram: @minniemarks/ @minnie_marks

Minnie Marks’ homepage


Get “Voodoo ‘N’ Honey” on Amazon

Get “Voodoo ‘N’ Honey” on Google Play




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Nickelback: Edge Of A Revolution

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Graffiti in Berlin, taken on 10/04/2015




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My guitars, taken on 07/06/2015


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